Events and Activities

July 2020

Call for Participation in survey study on immunity and Covid-19

We would like to invite you to take part in this survey study on immunity in the context of Covid-19.

The purpose of this study is to examine public perceptions and understanding of “immunity” during Covid-19 pandemic and how these influence behaviour and acceptance or rejection of protective measures such as lockdown, social distancing, self-isolation, mask wearing, and Contact Tracing Apps.

We are recruiting adults (18 +) to complete a short survey on this topic. The survey takes approximately 10 mins to complete and your responses will remain confidential.

 To take part, please follow this link:

Date:July 2020


28-30 Nov 2019

Metric Health

Invited keynote talk at the Quantified Bodies congress, University of Coimbra. More details:

Date:28-30 Nov 2019

Venue:University of Coimbra

19-20 Jun 2019

Sharing and Its Discontents in Self-Tracking Culture

Invited talk by Btihaj Ajana at Health technologies in practice: between the home and the clinic, 19-20 June 2019, University of Sheffield.

Date:19-20 Jun 2019

Venue:University of Sheffield

6 Jun 2019

1984 Revisited

Btihaj Ajana is an invited speaker at The Cheltenham Science Festival for the event, “1984 Revisited”:

Date:6 Jun 2019

Venue:Cheltenham Science Festival

22 May 2019

Digital Ethics in practice; future considerations of innovation

Btihaj Ajana is an invited keynote speaker at theDigital Government 2019 conference, more details here:

Date:22 May 2019

Venue:Queen Elisabeth II Centre, London

29-30 Apr 2019

Self-management for better health? Reflections on the self-tracking culture

Invited keynote talk by Btihaj Ajana atThe Futures of eHealth conference, Berlin, 29-30 April 2019. More details:

Date:29-30 Apr 2019


20-22 Mar 2019

Data Philanthropy: Reflections on the Sharing Culture of the Quantified Self

Invited keynote talk by Btihaj Ajana atThe Age of Sharing?, University of Koblenz, 20-22 March 2019. More details:

Date:20-22 Mar 2019

Venue:University of Koblenz

15 Mar 2019

Spare Parts

Screening of the film Quantified Life and Q&A session exploring whether our bodies exist as systems to be optimised and improved, with Btihaj Ajana and Thomas Blomseth Christiansen. More details here:

Date:15 Mar 2019

Venue:London Science Gallery

22 Jan 2019

Cognitive Sensations: Attention and Memory in the Digital Age

Btihaj Ajana was invited participant atCognitive Sensations: Attention and Memory in the Digital Age, The Cube, London, 22 January 2019. More details:

Date:22 Jan 2019

Venue:The Cube, London

19 Dec 2018

Metrics on BBC Radio 4

Btihaj Ajana was guest on BBC Radio 4 programme, Thinking Allowed, discussing how our lives are becoming unceasingly ruled by metrics. Recording of this episode is available here:

Date:19 Dec 2018

Venue:BBC, London

7-8 May 2018

Biometric Datafication in Governmental and Consumer spheres

A keynote talk by Btihaj Ajana atIs Big Data a New Medium? Interdisciplinary Symposium, LaSalle College, Singapore, 7-8 May2018. More details:

Date:7-8 May 2018

Venue:LaSalle, Singapore

28 Mar 2018

Digital health and self-tracking practices

Invited talk by Btihaj Ajana atConsumer and Organisational Digital Analytics (CODA) Research Centre Seminar Series, King’s College London Business School, 28 March 2018.

Date:28 Mar 2018

Venue:King's College London

20 Jan 2018

Shifting Identities in the Biometric Age

Btihaj Ajana was an invited speaker and discussant with artist Ayesha Hameed at the Arts Catalyst, London, 20 January 2018. More details:

Date:20 Jan 2018

Venue:Arts Catalyst, London

16 Sep 2017

Self-tacking towards health: The case of Thomas Christiansen

Btihaj Ajana is screening and discussing her film “Quantified Life” at the III International Conference on Medical Humanities on 16 September 2017.

More details on the event here:

Date:16 Sep 2017

Venue:Birkbeck, University of London

June 2017

Quantified Life

Btihaj Ajana recently made a film on self-tracking entitled, Quantified Life. This portrait documentary film focuses on the self-tracking practices and habits of a dedicated self-quantifier from Denmark, Thomas Blomseth Christiansen. Thomas is no ordinary self-tracker. For the last eight years, he has been meticulously tracking and documenting various aspects of his life and health, ultimately ridding himself of his severe allergies and improving his overall health, as a result. The film captures some of Thomas’ experience while also providing reflections on the wider implications and ethical dimensions of self-tracking and quantification. Watch the film on:

Date:June 2017