Relevant External Events

10-12 Mar 2017

2017 International Conference on Medical Humanities

An interdisciplinary conference which exploresthe social, historical and cultural dimensions of medicine. It focuses on issues relevant to medical knowledge, public health policy, the experience of being ill and of caring for those who are ill.

Date:10-12 Mar 2017


25-27 Jan 2017

Computers, Privacy and Data Protection 2017

A three-day conference devoted to privacy and data protection in relation to technology, computing and artificial intelligence.

Date:25-27 Jan 2017


11-13 Jan 2017

MeCCSA Conference 2017

MeCCSA Annual Conference 2017 will address the intersection between media cultures/technologies and the political aspirations of freedom and equality in various contexts.

Call for Papers:

Date:11-13 Jan 2017

Venue:University of Leeds

5-8 Oct 2016

Association of Internet Researchers Conference 2016

AoIR 2016 conference brings together scholars and students to discuss, from interdisciplinary perspectives, issues concerning Internet culture.

Date:5-8 Oct 2016


19-20 Sep 2016

World Congress on Health & Medical Sociology

An international conference on medical sociology that aims to address the critical role social factors play in determining or influencing the health of individuals, groups, and the larger society.

Date:19-20 Sep 2016

Venue:Las Vegas

31 Aug - 3 Sep 2016

4s/EASST Conference Barcelona 2016

“Science and Technology by Other Means – Exploring collectives, spaces and futures”.

Of special relevance is the panel, Digital subjectivities in the global context: new technologies of the self.

More details at:

Date:31 Aug - 3 Sep 2016


Our Events and Activities

Self-tacking towards health: The case of Thomas Christiansen

Btihaj Ajana is screening and discussing her film "Quantified Life" at the III International Conference on Medical Humanities on 16 September 2017. More details on the event here:

Date:16 Sep 2017

Venue:Birkbeck, University of London

Quantified Life

Btihaj Ajana recently made a film on self-tracking entitled, Quantified Life. This portrait documentary film focuses on the self-tracking practices and habits of a dedicated self-quantifier from Denmark, Thomas Blomseth Christiansen. Thomas is no ordinary self-tracker. For the last eight years, he has been meticulously tracking and documenting various aspects of his life and health, ultimately ridding himself of his severe allergies and improving his overall health, as a result. The film captures some of Thomas’ experience while also providing reflections on the wider implications and ethical dimensions of self-tracking and quantification. Watch the film on:

Date:June 2017



Btihaj Ajana is participating in the Quantified Self 2017 conference which takes place on June 17-18, 2017. For more details on the programme, visit:

Date:17-18 June 2017

Venue:Hotel Casa 400 Amsterdam

Metric Culture: The Quantified Self and Beyond

Recent years have witnessed an intensive growth of systems of measurement and an increasing integration of data processes into various spheres of everyday life, so much so that it can be argued that we are now living in a ‘metric culture’. This two-day international conference brings together relevant scholars who are engaged in the study of practices of self-tracking and related technologies to critically reflect on the way metric culture is unfolding within and affecting the various spheres of our everyday life.Organised by: Btihaj Ajana (AIAS and King’s College London) Confirmed keynote speakers: Deborah Lupton (University of Canberra, Australia) & Rosalind Gill (City University London, UK)  

Date:7-9 Jun 2017

Venue:Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies

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